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Six Degree of Freedom Platform

Perfectly matches various VR training scenarios.Support customized development of VR training scenes.


Simulated driving experience, training room, playground and simulation, etc.


Product advantages

• Six degrees of freedom, flexible and realistic movements.

• The industry's strongest adaptive washout algorithm design, high-intensity training subjects, all comers are welcome.

• All kinds of military equipment simulation training can be customized.

• Support customized development of training content.

Product Function

Simulated driving experience

Simulate racing, cars and other real driving environments like racing cars

The reality of the field.

Simulation training room

Simulate tanks, aircraft, various ships, etc.

Low investment, high return.

simulated playground

Simulate pirate ships, time travel, roller coasters and other large, medium and small

type amusement projects.

simulation simulation

A series of motion simulations can be performed,

Efficient, convenient and low cost.


payload 1.5t
Response Time 15ms
Control Time 15ms
Operating Voltage AC380V/220V
Maximum Pitch Angle ±23°
Maximum Roll Angle ±23°
Maximum Rotation Angle ±23°
Maximum Front and Rear Travel ±255mm
Left and Right Travel ±255mm
Maximum Height Stroke ±255mm

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  • Driving Simulation

  • Simulation Aircraft

  • Dynamic Seat

  • Mock Playground