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Jiangsu Turbo Dynamics company is a technology-oriented production manufacturer dedicated to the research and integration of intelligent technology. We have a group of responsible, skilled, ambitious, and highly capable software and hardware engineers. Additionally, we have a strong external research and design team, along with modern offices covering 2000 square meters and manufacturing workshops spanning 15000 square meters. We are capable of providing personalized non-standard production and meeting large-scale OEM demands from customers.
Our main products include multi-degree-of-freedom motion platforms, various training simulators, and servo power ball kits. These products are exported to both domestic and international markets, with significant exports to countries such as Russia, the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Canada, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Dubai. We have gained high customer recognition, brand awareness, and reputation worldwide.!

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Original manufacturer, leading in technology, one-stop service, high cost-effectiveness, providing superior solutions. 

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Uality management system certificate, environmental management system certificate, occupational health management system certificate

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Versatility in Application

Military Training Equipment

The multi-functionality of our product allows for itsextensive application in various training simulators, such as flight simulators, shipsimulators, helicopter takeoff and landing simulation platforms, tank simulators, cardriving simulators, train driving simulators, earthquake simulators, as well asdynamic cinema and entertainment devices.

  • Driving Simulation
  • Overall Huidance and Control
  • Assessment and Evaluation
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