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Protective assault vehicle simulation training system has a virtual environment based on the CSK181 protective assault vehicle (10 people) semi-physical driving.

Driving, shooting training functions, can complete the basic driving action practice of protective assault vehicles, gear shifting and steering driving, uphill and downhill driving, sidehill driving, driving across the ridge over the ditch, driving through restricted roads and obstacles, driving over the crater over the rocks, highway driving, driving up and down the conveyor platform, driving in soft and sandy areas, driving in muddy areas, driving in water, mountain driving, ice and snow driving, night driving scenes and other subject training, Night driving scenarios and other subjects training, and provide power feedback appropriate to the environment.

System components

• Control platform:Guidance and control management software and guidance and control equipment

• Simulation software:Driving training, shooting training monitoring software, training evaluation software, etc.

• Simulation equipment:Square cabin system, driving simulator, six-degree-of-freedom platform, etc.

• Supporting environment construction:Teaching area, simulation training area, wall chart area

The Use of New Universal Joint
Product advantages

Standardization Real simulation Structure

Production Training Reasonable

Safety Assmbly and disassembly Maintenance

Design Easy and convenient


  • Driving Simulation

  • Simulation Aircraft

  • Dynamic Seat

  • Mock Playground