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  • 5 月 12, 2023
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Turbo Power is a cutting-edge technology-oriented compa […]

Turbo Power is a cutting-edge technology-oriented company, Turbo Power has long been committed to the development and integration of cutting-edge intelligent technologies around the world. We have a group of responsible, capable, energetic and technically strong young engineers, as well as a strong external auxiliary R&D and design team.

Turbo Power has successively completed the R&D tasks of construction machinery, mining machinery, fire-fighting equipment, equipment, training equipment and other multi-disciplinary and multi-type technologies and products, which have gained full affirmation and recognition from our partners. In the future, Turbo Power will do in-depth research and exploration in the field of artificial intelligence equipment, and endeavor to break through the blockade of foreign cutting-edge technology, contributing a solid force for China's intelligent manufacturing 2025!

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