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Six Degree of Freedom Platforms for Shipboard Pilot Simulation System Applications

  • 5 月 12, 2023
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Application of six-degree-of-freedom platform in ship d […]

Application of six-degree-of-freedom platform in ship driving imitation system

Through the motion imitator on the ship in a variety of sea conditions when the floating ferry movement state to stop imitation, in order to indoor to real reproduction of the ship's practical movement state, so as to provide the development of the ship and vehicle equipment for the real, reliable, economic experimental environment.

Separate the physical entity and virtual technology, land to stop the virtual sea and under the sea exercise, can guide the individual, unit, unit three levels of exercise.

Can be based on the real battle system to multiple groups to repeatedly exercise the battle talent.

Invent multi-dimensional simulation capabilities, allowing the services to stop deployments or operational rehearsals in a combined environment.

Convey the real feel of a ship in distress, airborne swaying and wall shaking.

Exercise how to dominate the bridge, mimic a submarine entering and exiting a harbor, work with tugboats, bolt the ship to a dock and re-fly.

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